The 1993-1996 Mitsubishi Mirage saw a drastic change in styling from previous generations. For the first time a 2 door coupé was introduced. In North America it was sold in this configuration as well as the 4 door saloon. Outside North America it was sold in the 3 door hatchback configuration. The 4th generation was also the first for the 4g92 MIVEC powerplant. The 172 hp 1.6l engine put the Mirage into direct competition with the "hot" hatches from other Japanese manufactures. The hatch with its powerful engine never was slated for sale in North America but was well revered in other countries around the world. It was much less expensive than its counterpart the Honda Civic Type R and thus made it highly desirable. In North America, the Mirage was sold by Mitsubishi, Plymouth, and Eagle. Mitsubishi maintained the Mirage name while Dodge Plymouth sold it as the Colt and Eagle as the Summit. Its intended market in North America was of the commuter car rhelm. Boasting 40mpg with a 13.3 gallon tank it offered superior fuel economy at a very reasonable price. The 1.5l 92 hp 4g15 engine could keep drivers on the road 500+ miles at a time while the 1.8l 113 hp 4g93 engine came in not far behind at over 400+ miles per tank.

Ginsonic's 4g15 engine
4th Gen 4g15 - owned by Mirageforums member (Ginsonic)

Enthusiasts, however, not satisfied with the underpowered 1.5l and 1.8l engines quickly began experimenting with parts from other Mitsubishi models. By the end of the 4th generation Mirage's production run owners looking for more performance out of their commuter cars had discovered that the turbocharged 200+ hp 4g63T from the Mitsubishi Eclipse, Glalant, and Lancer Evolution was a direct swap and thus began pulling the engines from their cars and swapping them for more power. Adding the turbocharged motor tuned the 2 and 4 door Mirage into a potent street car capable of giving the small block American v8 cars a run for their money as well as far supassing the capabilities of most street driven Japanese cars. Part swapping was not limited only to the engine though. Owers discovered that transmissions, brakes, suspension, and even AWD systems could be taken off of the other cars and mated to the Mirage. With that knowledge racers soon began building Mirages for the dragstrip and not only were they competetive, they began winning in record setting fashion. The record for the fastest 4 cylinder in the world was held by Antonio Torres and his tube chassis 4th generation Mitsubishi Mirage that went by the name "Sakura." On July 20th, 1997 Torres and Sakura made a quarter-mile pass in 7.97 seconds @ 167 mph. That record stood far into the new millenium.

Mark's built 4g63T

4g63T - owned by Mirageforums member (TKRperformance)

Although the 4th generation chassis is showing its age owners are still looking for the performance edge and are continuing to engineer new ways to make their cars faster and handle better. There are communities of 4th gen owners all over the world who meet regularly on internet web forums to discuss the love they have for this car as well as continuing to develop and engineer new ideas to keep it competetive.