5th Generation Mirage Specifications

This page like the 4th gen specifications page is geared to provided viewers with the necessary engine and vehicle specifications for maintaining and modifying their Mirage. Egine specifications are beneficial when determining how much fluids are necessary when doing an oil change, or flushing the transmission. For racers knowing the wheelbase and other vehicle dimensions can be very important as some sanctioning bodies have rules that pertain to dimensions and based on those dimensions what class a car belongs in. This also pertains to engine displacement and other engine perameters. Having this information available at a moments notice can save hours of time and headache researching to find what really is basic vehicle information.

engine cutaway

Engine Specs 1.5l (4g15) Bore x Stroke: 75.5 x 82.0 mm
Piston Displacement: 1468cc
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Firing Order: 1,3,4,2
Horsepower: 92 @ 5500 rpm
Torque: 93 @ 3000 rpm
1.8l (4g93) Bore x Stroke: 81.0 x 89.0 mm
Piston Displacement: 1834cc
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Firing Order: 1,3,4,2
Horsepower: 113 @ 5500 rpm
Torque: 116 @ 4500 rpm
Engine Oil Capacity 1.5l 3.5 quarts
1.8l 4.0 quarts
Cooling System Capacity 1.5l 5.0 quarts
1.8l 6.0 quarts
Transmission fluid Capacity (Automantic) 1.5l 8.2 quarts
1.8l 8.2 quarts
Power Steering System System Capacity 1.5l .95 quarts
1.8l .95 quarts
Combustion Cylinder Pressure 1.5l 188 psi
1.8l 199 psi
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.5l 13.2 gallons
1.8l 13.2 gallons
Spark Plug Gap 1.5l 1.0-1.1 mm
1.8l 1.0-1.1 mm
Spark Plug Torque 1.5l 15-21 ft. lbs.
1.8l 15-21 ft. lbs.
Vehicle Width 4 door Saloon 1,690 mm
2 door Coupé 1,690 mm
Vehicle Length 4 door Saloon 4,410 mm
2 door Coupé 4,270 mm
Vehicle Height 4 door Saloon 1,335 mm
2 door Coupé 1,305 mm
Vehicle Wheelbase 4 door Saloon 2500 mm
2 door Coupé 2,415 mm
Vehicle Curb Weight 4 door Saloon 2,300 lbs
2 door Coupé 2,250 lbs