Welcome to Mirageinfo.net. This site is dedicated to the Mitsubishi Mirage, specifically the 4th and 5th generation models (1993-1996 & 1997- 2001). The intension of this site is to provide general information, specifications and some of the common modifications done by owners of these cars. There is also a section that includes DIY (do it yourself) guides for different modifications. Although the Mitsubishi Mirage was produced for many years this site will focus on the 2 most recent and last generations produced.

Alittle history and a lot of numbers first though. The Mirage began production in 1978 by Mitsubishi Motors. Worldwide it was sold under numerous different names including Mirage, Lancer, Colt. The first Mitsubishi Mirages were produced as a 3 door hatchback and later evolved to include 2 door coupé, 4 door saloons, and 5 door wagons. The first Mirages arrived in North America in 1979, although it was sold by Dodge under the Colt name. It was powered by a 1.6L (1600cc) 4 cylinder motor. In 1981 a turbocharged 1.4l (1400cc) motor was introduced, which bumped power to 103 hp. Outside North America this version was sold as the Mitsubishi Colt. In 1983 the third generation Mitsubishi Mirage/Lancer/Colt was released. It was available in both 3 door hatchbacks and 5 door wagons. All were powered by either a 1.3l (1300cc) or 1.5l (1500cc) motor. The 3rd generation saw a drastic change in the engineering of the Mirage. For the first time designers opted to put a powerful 200+ hp 1.6l turbocharged 4g61T motor in the 3 door hatchback. The 4 door saloon and 5 door wagons were both still available but were equiped with a much less potent 1.6l or 1.5l motor. The body styling of was also revamped to give it a sportier look to accompany the new powerplant. With the new design and added power also came a new more enticing name. The 3 door hatchbacks were given the addition of ''Cyborg'' to the name. Mitsubishi execs felt that by calling the sportier version the "Mirage Cyborg" it would help draw interest to it and bump sales. The 1989 Mirage Cyborg was well enough liked by enthusiasts that it made the "Car and Driver Magazine" 10 Best list for that model year. The 3rd generation Cyborg has since grown to be a cult classic amongst Japanese car enthusiasts and have thus exploded with info and content on the web.

Evolv3's 3g Saloon
3rd gen Saloon - owned by Mirageforums member (evolv3)

Because the 3rd generation Mirage has such a large following online this site is dedicated to the last two generations. The 4th generation and 5th generation Mirage/Lancer/Colt and now Summit (Sold under the Eagle manufacture) share many similarities that are not consistent with the earlier generations. Worldwide they were sold in 3 door hatch, 2 door coupé, and 4 door saloon configurations. A vast array of motors were also available including the 1.5l 92 hp 4g15, 1.6l 172 hp 4g92 MIVEC, 1.8l 113 hp 4g93, and the turbocharged 1.8l 195 hp 4g93T. The most popular element of both of these generations are their relationship to the now legendary Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The Evolution is based on the same chassis as the Mitsubishi Mirage but was powered by a turbocharged 4g63T motor boasting 276 hp mated to a very technologically advanced AWD (All Wheel Drive) system. Because of the relationship between the cars enthusiasts have been able to swap parts from the powerful Evolution into their less potent Mirage/Lancer/Colt/Summit with relative ease.

4th gen Cyborg

4th gen Cyborg - unknown Mirageforums owner

That's not to say that certain trims of the Mirage were without performance at the forefront. The 1996-2001 Mirage Cyborg (cj4a chassis) was designed to directly compete with the race bred Honda Civic Type R. The Cyborg was equipped with Mitsubishi's 1.6l DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) 4g92 MIVEC motor. MIVEC was Mitsubishi's answer to Honda's VTEC variable valve timing control. MIVEC stands for Mitsubishi Intellegent Valve Electronic Control. The addition of MIVEC to the 4g92 as well as adding in a high flowing dual cam head and bumping piston compression ratio to 11:1 netted a a stout 172 hp at 7500 rpm. The success of the cj4a spawned model specific race series in Japan and have made acquiring parts from the cj4a highly desired amongst North American Mirage owners who where the cj4a was not sold.